Be Your Inner Rock Star Tonight! (Concert Karaoke 7pm-1am)

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Want another boring job?

Are you stable, over 21, have positive energy, and have self-responsibility?

We are looking for an individual who enjoys working and wants to be here. This is very critical. We don't need to hire just a body. The staff here works well together, are fun, and have self-responsibility. If you have a hard drug problem or need to be drunk to work, don’t apply it will not work out. If you don’t want to answer the questions, please don't apply, it would be a waste of both of our time. Thank you and BE YOUR INNER ROCK STAR TONIGHT!

Please answer all question with any additional information you want to add and send them to You should also know that it may take time to be contacted.

What position are you interested in? List all you would be willing to work.

Door (must have at least 1 year of relevant experience)
Karaoke Jockey (Karaoke Host)
Bar Back
Bartender (must have at least 1 year of bartending experience)

Your name (first and last), address, and phone number?

How many hours a week are you looking to work?

What do you consider your key strength and weaknesses?

How would you handle this position?

How have you been a leader in your past positions?

How willing are you to pick up other shifts? What times can’t you pick up shifts?

Describe an area of your professional life where you've identified a need for improvement and how you've tried to improve?

What appeals to you about this role?

How do you prefer to build rapport with others?

What is your biggest dream in life?

What issues may come up with getting back and forth to work?

What questions do you have about this job?

Expected Pay?

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