Be Your Inner Rock Star Tonight! (Concert Karaoke 7pm-1am)

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Q. Do you have karaoke tonight?
A. Yes, we have Concert Karaoke TM everynight 7pm to 1am.

Q. What are the hours of operation?
A. 2pm to 2pm everyday - $2 Happier Hour 2pm to 7pm - Concert Karaoke TM 7pm to 1am everynight.

Q. How old do I have to be to get in, and/or to drink?
A. Sorry, must be 21+. We do ID, and all bartenders and door staff take training from the state of Iowa. Even if you are with a big group, and not 21 you will not be able to be on the property. Also, if you are under 40 you should have your I.D. with you. We won't let you in just because you say I'm really 21, or I'm 21 but I won't drink. You need to be 21+ with a legal ID, drinking or not.

Q. Can I sing at AJ's even if I'm not very good?
A. Yes, we are a fun karaoke bar, and don't care how well you sing. If you are new to singing karaoke, you may want to check out the first time karaoke page.

Q. How long does it take to sing?
A. Sunday thur Thursday is the probably the best time get on the list fast. Weekends get very busy after 10pm, so if you get here closer to 7pm you will get in faster.

Q. Do you take cards?
A. Yes, all major brands.

Q. What songs can I sing?
A. Any song we have in our book. When you come to AJ's you should not feel like you are restricted on what genre you want to sing. Everything get sang here.

Q. Can I vape inside?
A. Yes, please be respectful.

Q. Does AJ's serve food?
A. We do sell 16 inch pizzas, and by the slice at night. We are cool with you bringing food in.

Q. Can I "TIP" the karaoke host to get on stage faster?
A. No, but you can pay $30 for a VIP pass to jump the line.

Q. Can I reserve seating?
A. AJ's is a casual bar that doesn't take reservations. Seats are first come, first serve. If you'd like to secure a seat for you, please come early.

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